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All clients work Directly with Attorney Matt Foley. Uniquely, Matt Foley has an MBA in finance, and vast experience in consumer and commercial lending, including key insight to credit reporting issues. Matt left lending and finance to assist consumers with debt relief.
Today, Matt has filed more than 7,000 bankruptcies and assisted clients with settling hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. We help clients with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, credit card defense, and with creating debt negotiation programs.
Why meet with an attorney? Simple. The consultations are free and we discuss immediate solutions. We discuss the debt relief process, the pros and cons of different approaches, and dispel the myth of "credit ruined" and "stigma." Yes, there is an emotional component to debt relief, and we discuss that as well. If in doubt, read over 60 + reviews by actual clients.
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Attorney Matthew Foley has been Tucson's top filing bankruptcy attorney since 2013. 
Our office has the lowest flat fee with the highest consumer reviews. We have received multiple industry awards and have been featured on every local news program as professional commentary in the area of debt relief. We like helping clients - meet our friendly team!
Evenings/Weekends Office Consultations.
All Clients meet and work directly with attorney Matthew Foley - from start to finish. We do not use associates to attend hearing or to prepare the petitions. We help explore all options, including credit counseling, debt settlement, and consumer bankruptcy chapter 7 & 13. Clients leave our office with peace of mind knowing there are options.
Attorney Fees. 
If bankruptcy makes sense. we provide low flat fees and a simple monthly payment plan after filing. Every dollar counts, and we appreciate that. We offer one of the lowest flat fees in Tucson, without compromising the quality of service that each client receives. In 99% of our cases, there are only 4 fees - attorney fee, court filing fee, a tri-merge credit report, & on-line consumer credit counseling course. 
Consumer Tip. Notice that most bankruptcy websites do not have an advertised flat fee price. Why? Many lawyers charge clients based on what a client is willing to pay, versus a standard flat fee. Be Careful. 
Bankruptcy & Our Law Firm.
Matthew Foley is a bankruptcy attorney with joint graduate degrees in law and finance. Uniquely, our office helps client with exploring debt relief options and how to rebuild credit thereafter. Declaring bankruptcy is not the end of your financial life and credit, but rather a new beginning. That said, We know it’s a difficult decision. Having the right attorney will help.
Professional Commentary & Appearances
Glowing reviews from our clients...
"Matt and his staff made filing for bankruptcy as easy as it could be. Matt made me feel very comfortable and confident during the whole process. Answering my phone calls with all of my questions and concerns in a timely matter was a plus. I would strongly recommend using Matt."

Charlene, a Chapter 7 client
"Great Lawyer"
"Top Notch Attorney"
"Matt Foley is truly an extremely honest and very professional attorney. I had several questions for him that came up at different times and he was always accessible and very willing to answer any question and always gave great advice. His price was by far the cheapest I could find which initially scared me but he truly was a top notch attorney and extremely personable!"

Richard, a Chapter 7 client
"Best bankruptcy Lawyer in Tucson"
"I recently had to file chapter 7 bankruptcy for the 2nd time. I found Matthew Foley online so i called him and i was a nervous wreck, i set up an appointment and saw him 2 days later and he really made me feel more relaxed about filing bankruptcy again. He is very professional, always takes my phone calls and answers all my questions. I would highly recommend him to anybody who is in need of filing bankruptcy. He even will take payments if you are unable to pay his fee in full. He's an all around great guy. "

Priscilla, a Chapter 7 client
"The Best Bankruptcy Attorney!"
"After looking at all my options and consultations, I decided to go with Matt Foley. I was very stressed and nervous, and I found that Matt was the only attorney to make me feel at ease. Matt handled my case in a very professional and fast manner. He always kept me informed of everything that was going on with my case. I was surprised at how easy he made the process for me. I have referred him to many people, and they are just as happy with him as I was. "

Jennifer, a Chapter 7 client
Simple 3-Step Bankruptcy Process
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All clients meet with Attorney Matt Foley. We discuss your scenario and explore each debt relief option. If bankruptcy makes sense for you, we discuss the benefit, which include eliminating debt and improving your credit score.
We provide clients with a simple checklist of items needed to prepare the bankruptcy petition. We make the process as easy as possible. This is precisely why clients hire attorneys.
After we file the case, homes, vehicles, and wages are protected in the bankruptcy. This will end creditor collections, wage garnishments, bank levies, phone calls, letters, etc.
Matthew Foley, PLC
Tucson Bankruptcy Attorney

Matthew Foley, as a Bankruptcy Attorney, provides counsel as a federally designated debt relief agency United States Federal Bankruptcy Laws. Matthew Foley assists individuals with debt solutions, including assisting them with filing petitions for relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

*Flat fee is for below median income debtors and does not include reaffirmations. We have had the lowest fee since 2011, in addition to, receiving the best client reviews and highest industry recognition of any Tucson firm. It all begins with being affordable.

Matthew Foley, PLC
Tucson Bankruptcy Attorney
Awarded Tucson's Top Filing Bankruptcy Firm 2013-2018
down to file your case.
Simple monthly payment plan after filing.
Tucson's Nicest
Bankruptcy Law FirmTM
Awarded Tucson's Top Filing Bankruptcy Firm 
down to file your case.
Simple monthly payment plan after filing.